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Hey everyone!

I´ve been quite unactive in here DA at this year... Feels that my daily job kills my motivation for the photography =P. But now I´m at summer vacation and I try to get more active again!

At last week I were again in Northern-Finland :). I tried to find some nice landscapes of cource, but my main reason for that trip was photographing wild brown bears at Suomussalmi near of the Russian border. It was a great experience! I spent whole night at the hide which were at swamp middle of wilderness forests. Sometimes the bears were only four-five meters from the hide. Brown bear is biggest carnivore of Europe and it´s also national animal of Finland. I´m happy that I get those photos which I dreamed about. Watch my gallery to see the bear pics!

How´s about flying? Well my licence course is now passed the half-way and the first solo flight is closing fast :). I try to get the licence before the bad weathers of the fall and winter... I told at my last journal that there is also two rock-stars flying the licence... Those guys are Toni and Sipe from Apulanta. Apulanta is one of the most popular finnish rock bands and they have started playing at 1991. I´m happy that they are now members of our flying club!

Have a nice summer for everyone! Thanks for watching :)

- Janne -

It´s almost one year at my last journal so maybe it´s time to update my frontpage :)
My military service has gone but I really sometimes miss those times... It was great time with great airplanes and peoples. Now I´m just working at metal industry =P.

Last week I had a vacation at my works and I done photo trip to the Northern Finland... I can say that there´s little bit interesting scenery to the photographing than here in south... Wilderness, deep forests, great hills, little rivers and rapids all around you... Can´t wait to get there again at sometime :). I have photos coming from there so stay tuned!

Any new at my camera gears? Yes... I have bought Sigma 10-20mm EX HSM wide-angle lens to landscapes and airplane cocpits and it feels a good lens. I have also get some Cokin graduated neutral density filters to balance light at landscapes especially when I´m shooting for film.
I've heard that Canon purchase EOS 50D and I hope that prices of 40D will get lower... I really have to think new DSLR body in future because my 10D get feeling quite old and there´s huge jump to 10D to the 40D :). Just trying to spare money that I could update my gears :D.

And what´s about aviation and flying? I´ve been with our aviation club events and flight rescue exercises at this summer as usually. I´ve dreamed at my own pilot license many years and now I´m seriously thinking to take a step and begin my own pilot license course in near future... Also two famous finnish rock stars are going to fly license in our club :D. It will be interesting to see how they manage... I just hope that they have time to countinue their flying after getting their licenses. I´ve also get some information that Karelian Air Command are going to keep highway strip exercises near of my home town. So maybe there´s opportunity to take interesting photos of F-18 Hornets operating at highway ;).

Thanks again for everyone at support and watching my gallery! Have a nice autumn for everyone :)
Hey Dudes!

It has been  long time in my mind to write new journal! Finally I done it =P.

Well I´ve been at Fighter Sqadron 31 in Kuopio since end of June. I´m working at F-18 Hornet maintaince groups and these had been very interesting months at my army service. I´m very happy that I get myself in the Air Force! I´ve also done squad/platoon leader duties with new recruits who came to army at beginning of July.

Couple weeks ago I had ten days vacation from army. I tried to use my time to photography and I also done little fototrip to the Porvoo and Suomenlinna (old military fortress island in Helsinki). At that trip I used again Kodachrome 64 slides ;). Development of Kodachrome has been closed in Europe so my slides are somewhere in Texas at U.S.A. right now :D. Let see how this development works... If I get my slides back and there´s some good shots I will upload them to my gallery (so remember to wisit my gallery again ;) )

I also bought new lens to my camera family... Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L USM! I´m very happy about that :). It´s great lens what I´ve dreamed long time ago... I tested it with my 2Xteleconverter and it gives good results even with that!

Thanks for everyone who visits at my gallery and who gives comments to my photos! It´s great to see that my photos have catched someones attraction :). Have nice end of year for everyone!
Hello for everyone!

I´ve been in army since 8. of January so I  haven´t  had much time to photography. I had been cervice at Flight technical school of Finnish Air Force. We had been studying for F/A-18 Hornet maintenance groups and also get 2.nd officer rank.  The studying has been very interesting! We had been studying about 400 hours the Hornet systems and rest 200 hours we had spend with squad leader studies. The school will end for next week and then I get the advancement for "alikersantti" (rank between corporal and sergeant). After Midsummer I go to the Fighter Squadron 31 to Kuopio. When the new recruits come to the army 9. of July we are their squad leaders few weeks. After that we start works in the Fighter Squadron!

And what´s new about photography? Yeas... I have gone and bought Digital SLR camera. I bought old EOS 10D model. Althought I realy enjoy colours and spirit of slidefilms there´s also times when I need to send pictures fast and theres no time to film processing and scanning. Now I also don´t have to pay every frame I shoot. But anyway I try to continue film shooting and I carrying both cameras in my photo trips!

There´s also legendary Midnight Sun Airshow at next week! There is again great performers at the sky. Patrouille de France, Asas de Portugal, F-16 demo and offcource Finnish Air Force own planes. So there´s again great chance to get impressive aviation photos!

Thanks for watcing my gallery! Have nice summer for everyone :)
It´s long time for my last journal... Summer is gone now and we are heading to winter. I taked hundreds and hundreds aviation pictures for last summer and I´m very happy about that. Now I can spend time for scanning all good slides what I have shot :D. Actually I haven´t used my digital camera hardly ever during last half-year... Altought the photos by digital camera are mutch easyer to use in web, I really enjoy for shooting to film :). I know that if I want a large print I don´t do anything at my 3,2 megapixels digital photos =P. Slidefilm rules! And slides still gives colours what you don´t get by digital camera (well EOS 5D seems to bee quite close).

My camera equipments have also changed during last summer... My old EOS 300V broken up only week before most important airshow (Midsummer Airsow) so I was quite difficult situation :P. I decided to bought temporarily (second-hand) EOS 300 camera which are older but really same kind than my old EOS 300V. I managed quite good with that and I was reliefed that I had a camera to photograp the important airshow. But I knew that it was time to go on and get better camera body... One guy of our aviation forum offered to me his EOS 30 body so I bought it. I´ve been very happy by using that camera! EOS 300 feels like a toy after this but it´s of cource good back-up camera :). In the August I bought EF 28-105mm USM II lens to replace my old kit-lens. It´s good and sharp lens and works/feels good with my EOS 30.

Now when summer and airshows are gone I´m excited by nature photography again. In summer time there is too hard light at the day times and the nature is only green every where... So I like the autumn is better time to take nature photos. I have also bought now Fuji Velvia slidefilms which gives more saturated colours than Fuji Provia (which I´ve used throught the summer). At hard sunrise (like summer days) it´s too colourful but now it should be just the right film!

I will start my military service in January so I have only couple moths time to concentrate to photographing. During next month I will know am I going to the Technical School of the Air Force or just the normal infarny groups to the Karelia Brigade :).

But thanks for watcing my gallery and have nice end of the year for everyone :).
Winter seems to be over now and we are just waiting real summer :). I have many good ideas for new photos and I hope that snows will disapper so fast than possible...

Summer time there are again lot of flying in Finland and that´s good for me... Me and my aviation friends are keeping little air show in next month. There are meny interesting performers. For example best finnish acrobatic pilot and Finnish air force display team flying by Hawk jet fighters are supporting our show. There is also Midsummer air show in June. For example Red Arrows (from England) and Polish MiG-29 are coming to show!!! It seems that it tooks quite mutch film to photograph all great events for next summer :D.

During winter time I have added all kind of photos to my gallery alltought in beginning I tried to keep this aviation photo gallery. Well in future I will publish most remarkable aviation photos by other username. This site will be for all kind of photography. Offcource I still send some airplane pictures to this gallery :).

Thanks for visiting in my gallery and check out my new stuff also in future... Have a nice spring/summer for everyone :).
Jeah... More than 400 pageviews now =P. It tells me that there is many people who have found my gallery and it´s grate thing!! I hope that my photos could give you something new... Something what you don´t see everyday. I take my photos usually on slidefilm and I´m specialized to aviation and military photography. I also carry my digitalcamera with me and you will see both film and digital photos on my gallery.

Now in winter time there isn´t much flying activity in Finland and that´s why I will add all other kind photos on my gallery ;). I also try to find something special at my older aviation pictures and maybe I´ll add some of them to gallery. Now I just wait next summer and try to manage throught the winter whitout aircrafts and flying :'(. In next summer I try to spend so much time as possible on airfields and airshows...

And thanks for everyone who have visited on my site and have added me to watch or taken my photos to favorites !! It´s important me and that´s how I know that someone likes my photos. Comments which you give me are important!

Visit also in future on my gallery and check out my new photos :).
Well now I have added myself on deviantart:). My photos aren´t so artistic what I have used to see in here, but my friend gave me encourage to add myself to this site. I´m an aviation photographer from southern Finland and I have been taken photographs few years now. Most of my photos are photos of aircrafts as you may guess=P, but I also like to take artistic photos. I take most of my photos on slide film, so it is a little number which are scanned on digital usage. Certainly I use my digitalcamera all the time, but most important photos has been taken on film.